How Could SERP Results Impact SEO Strategy?

SERP Results Impact SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is a complex process that involves many moving parts. However, recent changes in how search engines rank results have presented some new challenges for SEO professionals. To overcome for SERP Results Impact SEO Strategy. Change can be good or bad for your business, depending on how you approach it and what strategy you follow. The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is praising the new Google implementations that affect organic search results. According to Revolutionary Designers Marketing, this change, known as indented search results or google inaccurate search results, currently affects about 40% of search engine results pages (SERPs). 

On the other hand, with wider exposure potential, business owners anticipate opportunities and threats and plan SEO strategies accordingly. Why was the indented SERP introduced? How do they affect the performance of optimization approaches and organic search results?

This blog details the design of this new Google search result and describes the SEO methods on the page that you can use to adapt to your changes. 

SERP Results Impact SEO StrategyWhat Are They? 

You may have recently noticed that the display of certain Google indented search results has changed. We are talking about having more than one link or entry from the same page appearing in SERP simultaneously. The first or foremost link looks like any other search result, and the second link underneath seems to support the original link. These will be indented search results. 

Around June 2021, a report emerged reporting this customization of Google search results. However, the whole operation was not done until October. The indented SERP shares the same google inaccurate search results page layout as the larger site links. So, the look and feel aren’t entirely new. For SEO service specialists on the page and those with SEO experience, indented SERPs are nothing new in the look and feel. Don’t get confused. Site links are secondary links that appear after the primary link and provide the context of your brand or publication. 

They may look natural or occur as a Google Ads feature, and this is a feature you need to take advantage of when using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Mobile and desktop SERPs with indented search results show that the lists that make up each result are linked by topic. 

What is the SERP Results Impact SEO Strategy? 

Various SEO experts believe that websites that do an excellent job of SEO on the page don’t need to make significant changes to their approach. They are in a solid position to get clustered lists on desktop and mobile SERPs. 

 However, if you need to review your content anyway. You can focus on some essential areas that may be affected by changes in Google search results and make some changes.

Indented SERPs Will Benefit Brands 

While indented organic search results can not replace site links, more successful techniques may help firms drive competition down the SERPs. For both sponsored and non-branded keywords, they may have numerous listings displayed above the fold – and who doesn’t want that? 

Increased exposure is excellent news for brands that collaborate with affiliates and influencers. However, you don’t want to lose your whole affiliate network due to changes to desktop search results. 

Internal link improvements 

There are no clear instructions on how Google’sGoogle’s search results will change to combine multiple items from your domain. However, a reputable SEO auditing company like Thrive will advise you to improve the internal links in the relevant material. This concerns Google’s goal of providing a better user experience (UX). Instead of returning a single search result for a query, nest more relevant and specialized links to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Creating a content cluster consisting of pillar pages and multiple topic pages is a form of internal link that may match your search intent. Technical SEO agencies support this method to consolidate and maintain each content page into one topic without falling into the cannibalistic trap of keywords. There is no guarantee that the topic page will appear behind the SERP pillar page, but it’s a good place to start. 

Is true ranking important? 

Having a lot of lists above the fold means that even the second page pushes down the competition on the search results page. This is good news for all links that weren’t originally on the first page. And this is because it is currently displayed in the top results. 

The most important changes are now visible in Google Mobile search results. It doesn’t have an indented structure, but it ranks the indented entries in the desktop SERP as second, third, and so on. On the other hand, competitors with top indented desktop results could push the link to the bottom of the first page, or worse, the second page. That’s why you need a dedicated internal team or a dedicated SEO auditing company to plan, implement, and maintain your desktop and mobile SERP advantages.

Now That Indented SERPs Are Here, Consider These On-Page SEO Tips

You can do this by hiring a search engine optimization consultant or a company with SEO expertise. You can gain an edge over competitors trying to understand things for themselves. Not only does it require skilled hands to plan and prepare indented search results. But it also requires skilled hands to plan and prepare all other SERP changes, such as Change Google mobile search results. Time, energy, and money are important considerations because of the areas. That need to be covered to maximize the relationship’s potential. 

  •  Create content clusters 
  •  Optimize title tags and meta descriptions 
  •  Identify and prevent content cannibalism 
  •  Improve internal links

Make your SEO strategy more effective. 

We’ve discussed how and why specific Google search results differ. But, some guidelines for preparing for a broader range of future rollouts. 

There has been no effort made to build high-quality internal links or optimize elements on the page. Or you are not ready for your existing SEO consultant. If you feel it’s best to contact an SEO partner. Who can pick you up where you are? It’s best to stop and consistently provide better results. So, the Revolutionary designers Marketing Agency complies with the bill in this regard. We are a low-cost SEO company that provides comprehensive, integrated, fast, on-page SEO services to clients in different industries. As a full-service search engine and PPC marketing agency, we provide a wide range of services.

Contact us now to learn more about how Google can help you control Google SERP.


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