Local SEO

What is Local SEO? Why is it Important?

Google understands that half of all search is local, so they have made proximity a priority when deciding what search results to provide to users. It is one of the major ranking factors alongside technical strength, website authority and relevance.

Local SEO is especially useful for companies with a physical location, or those that serve a specific geographic area. Because most businesses fall into one (or both) of these two categories, optimizing for local SEO is a must.

Simply put, Local SEO is one of the best methods available to grow your businesses online.

How is local SEO different from other SEO techniques?

All search engine optimization techniques aim to improve the quantity and quality of web traffic to your website. Local SEO is a specialized subset that focuses on raising the digital visibility of businesses in the context of local search.

Local SEO is different from eCommerce SEO, in that the latter is more broadly focused, and is intended to capture national or global search traffic. eCommerce SEO also often involves competing for more competitive keywords, something that is more difficult and takes more time.

Key Local SEO Techniques

When most people search online for a specific service, what they’re really looking for is a specific service near them. The vast majority of local searches result in purchases at local, physical locations.

Google My Business

One of the most crucial elements in local SEO involves setting up your Google My Business (GMB). A GMB helps you boost your digital presence by adding your company’s key information into Google’s directory.

Local SEO Keyword Ranking

When optimizing your website for search, it is important to rank for keywords relevant to your business. The same logic applies to ranking for local SEO keywords.

Local Linking

Finding appropriate links for your site will be beneficial, because the more frequently other sites link to yours, the more likely it is for Google to infer that your website provides value. The trustworthiness of those links is important, and so is the location from which those links derive.

Email Marketing

Did you know - that 92% of adults use email services? Email marketing can be a highly efficient and cost-effective way to generate leads when done correctly. Our full-service social media marketing company works hand-in-hand with your team to ensure that your business meets your marketing goal.

Content Writing

All your digital marketing channels require is compelling content to communicate your unique message across social media platforms. Our social media team performs extensive research, understands your brand, and crafts valuable content to accomplish your marketing goals.

Google Business Profile

Having a Google My Business /Google Business Profile account is crucial for businesses that depend on their location for their services. Our social media experts and SEO experts ensure that your business complies with all the norms and regulations that help your business get to the top of Google's local business search page.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

A well-organized Local SEO campaign can give businesses incredible amounts of search visibility, and help them compete with other local businesses for local customers.

Just as it is with SEO generally, ranking well in Local SEO depends on a number of similar factors. The difference is that the strategies employed in Local SEO are tailored specifically to local search.

Google My Business (GMB)

To get noticed by potential customers in your area and by Google, businesses should set up and verify their GMB. When you fill out a GMB profile full of useful information, your company is listed in Google’s main directory and will help you connect with locals by boosting your digital presence.

Backline Profile

The more frequently other high-quality sites link to yours, the more likely it is for Google to understand why your website provides value. You’ll benefit by connecting to local, relevant and authoritative websites (such as local directors, publications, blogs and community websites) and by using the right anchor texts.


Citations can be understood as a modern-day version of the Yellowpages. Searchers use online directories to connect with you, and search engines use them for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) confirming information and measuring the consistency of NAP info, etc.

On-Page Elements

This category is relatively broad, and includes most everything in the SEO realm outside of backlinks (also known as off-page signals) and technical strength. On-page elements include keyword research and ranking strategies, content gap analyses, authority-building content optimization and creation, and more.

Social signals and reviews

Creating trust with your potential clients and customers is just as important online as it is in real life. By having reviews and social signals that paint your business as one worthy of trust, customers will find their way to you more easily. The total number of reviews, as well as their frequency, diversity, and quality are a major ranking factor for Google.

How Our Marketing Can Help Your Local Business

For several years, Revolutionary Designers has been helping local businesses from across the country increase their online presence and connect with new customers.

Our data-driven expertise helps us stay ahead of the curve and create effective strategies, and our client-first perspective means we’re highly attuned to your business’ evolving priorities.

How do we do it?

As a results-oriented SEO and digital marketing agency, we’ve helped hundreds of local companies grow and succeed by building on proven techniques and tailoring our strategies to the unique needs of your business.

Start With a Strong Technical Foundation

We start with an audit that will identify your challenges and get a sense of your competition. We’ll clean up site architecture issues, fix any errors or broken links, while also boosting your site speed and optimizing for mobile. The goal is an improved user experience and strong Core Web Vitals

Build On-Page and Off-Page Signals

Technical challenges aside, we also zero-in on a curated content approach built specifically for your industry. Our SEO Specialists and in-house Content Team will identify and rank for keywords, fill content gaps and optimize your existing pages, build additional pages and content, and boost your site’s authority in the eyes of Google.

SEO That Gets Results

Once we’ve implemented our improvements that increase your site authority and relevance, our strategic roadmap for the near and long term will benefit your business through:


Are You Ready To Dominate The Market With The Best Local SEO Strategies? Let’s Build Your Online Presence Today!