What are Reels/shorts?

Last year, Instagram released a new feature on its platform, Reels, where users get to create and upload a short video of up to 15 seconds, which changed the video marketing game. With its popularity on Instagram and over 60 percent of businesses using video marketing as a tool in 2021, Reels quickly became a significant strategy in the digital marketing efforts of businesses.

If you are familiar with the social media platform TikTok, then you have a good idea of what this new feature is. Reels allows you to share bite-sized, engaging information with your followers. By using this feature you can create short 3 to 15-second video clips that you can add filters and music to. 

Instagram users are able to post it on their feed, Reels tab, and stories. You can also access other account’s Reels by simply clicking on the Reels icon on the navigation bar. 

Social media platforms are increasingly promoting their short video features as they hold users’ attention, keeping them on the platform for longer. A short video can be watched, then it can be followed up with another video relatively quickly. Video is increasingly the reason why people go to social media and they’re accessing it primarily on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Short form video is the future because of its accessibility, the benefits it brings both to the platforms and to users and because of its flexibility.

Benefits Of Using Reels

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Short Form Videos Are Ideal For Social Media

Short form video content works brilliantly with social media which is its key advantage. Every business needs to have a well-thought out social media strategy but it’s getting increasingly difficult to get noticed. Creating short form videos doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, but it does mean you’re giving yourself a good chance of being noticed.

The most potent and effective social network content currently is micro-blogging. This combines some of the narrative elements of longer form blogging, with the immediacy of instant messaging. A platform which epitomises this approach is Twitter, and it’s no surprise that short form video features heavily.

Short form content can be shared quickly and easily. It commands an instant response. All of your branded content needs to be optimised for the chosen mode of delivery. This makes short form video a natural fit for social channels where snappy, easy to digest content that makes an instant impression can have a considerable reach.

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