Content marketing-Tips to write better content

Content Marketing

The basic principle of content marketing is to attract the audience and keep them engaged. This could be done in several ways but writing content full of richness is the most effective.

Creating entertaining content is a very challenging task. Here is a list of tips to write better content and inserting more richness into your content.

1. Content marketing – Tell a good story

Everyone loves stories. That’s why we have been conveying stories since prehistoric times with people gathered around a fire. Whenever you feel that your content is getting bogged down in nitty-gritty details, insert a relevant story.

The tip is to come up with a story that is both entertaining and has a value message relevant to your content. When you do this, you are likely to keep your reader engaged for longer. 

Whenever you use these anecdotes, you can grab the attention of your readers and set the flow for the rest of your blog. You should do this in moderation and they will be your best friend.

2. Elicit an emotional response

Content that elicited an emotional response – such as happiness, laughter, anger, frustration, or anger – is much more likely to be read and shared by the audience than content that did not engage the audience’s emotions.

3. Use formatting

Formatting is very important to make your content a masterpiece. Good use of paragraph spacing, bold, italicized fonts, and other tools like bulleted lists and numbered lists helps to make your content look pleasing. These tools and techniques make your content look more interesting to readers even if the words are the same. 

Create short paragraphs to keep your readers interested in the content. You can use italics to add emphasis to keywords. Similarly, using bold type is a good way to emphasize. Bold headings and subheadings.

Formatting completely changes the look and feel of the content. Use this wisely.

4. Widen your vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary and using words people don’t hear usually is the best way to add richness to your writing. Use an online thesaurus to find more exciting alternatives to common words.

But don’t be pompous by flooding your content with too many high-brow words. As it can make your reader lose interest in the content. You should use great words, keeping in mind the reading expectations of your audience.

5. Read entertaining content

To add more richness to your content doesn’t mean giving it more of your personality. When you will come across – fiction or nonfiction – you will get inspired by other styles and voices. 

Subscribe to magazines and newsletters, read a novel from time to time, and follow blogs that have content according to your interests. This will help you become a better writer without any effort beyond consuming content.

6. Include interesting facts

For two reasons people read – first is to be entertained and second to learn. Always research your topic to find fascinating facts and add them throughout your writing.

Readers are very much drawn to and interested in fascinating nuggets of information. If you can both educate and entertain people, they will love your work and you will be able to write more exciting content.

7. Don’t be strict in using grammar

Make your content casual. Don’t take complete freedom of not using grammar. But ensure that there is a tone to your writing that is casual. Most people don’t speak perfect English, and your content should follow suit.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can improve your content marketing quality and make it more appealing to your target audience. You can go a step further with these tips for extraordinary writing.


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