Social Media Analytics – How to use for Audience Analysis

Social media analytics is a powerful tool for brands to learn about what customers are saying about their services. Goods, advertisements, competition, and much more. Understanding what is being said about a brand is easy, but knowing who is saying it is just as crucial. As a prominent Social Media Marketing Company , we will look at how brands can use audience analysis to produce better advertising and marketing campaigns in this post.

Top brands have partnered with us, a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Canada. So better understand their audiences and strengthen their marketing approach. Brands may use audience analysis to better understand their current and prospective customers, allowing them to provide a better customer experience. And improve brand impression.

So today’s brands recognize the value that focused marketing brings to the table. The incredible upward spiral that businesses like Google and Facebook have seen is primarily due to their ability to market targeted advertising. So It is quite simple to target your desired demographic, especially with modern marketing and advertising technology at your disposal.


Previously, market research and surveys would have been accountable for this. But social media data can provide significant information about the audience fast and efficiently. Audience analysis is responsible for investigating a certain group’s preferences, interests, locations, demographics. And so on, and the depth of the research determines these findings.

As a pioneer of a Social Media Marketing Company in Canada. we propose analysing the rival’s audience alongside your own so that you can compare it with your own and stay ahead of your competition.

The steps listed below can assist you in researching your social media audience.

  • Use social media audience insights to gather information about your present audience: Log in to Twitter Analytics as an example to better understand this. Select Audiences. You’ll be able to examine your target audience’s main demographics, interests, and languages.
  • Determine all prospective audiences: Brainstorm and compile a list of all the prospective audiences that your marketing campaign could target.
  • Choose your target audience: Consider who is most invested and who has the power or resources to make a decision when selecting your audience.
  • Determine your target audience’s qualities.
  • Create a table using your data.
  • Determine your knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours: Determine what your target audience knows, feels, thinks, and acts about your campaign.
  • Identify barriers and facilitators: It is critical to understand what discourages and motivates your target audience.
  • Consider audience segmentation: it is the practice of splitting your audience into groups that have something in common.
  • Create audience profiles: So you design a thorough profile to represent your ideal target demographic.


A social media audience study is necessary for deciding which social networks your target audience uses. The best tools to employ to collect demographic and behavioral data for your target audience. And targeting your ideal potential families with content they will enjoy and want to share.

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