Internet Explorer to shut down after 27 Years

Internet Explorer- Shut down

Technology giant Microsoft will shut down its iconic Internet Explorer (IE) browser altogether on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. This means that browser-dependent windows users will need to upgrade to Microsoft Edge to access the Internet as the company ends support for IE11. 

Microsoft said in a statement released by the company: 

“We are announcing that the future of Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is not only faster but more secure and provides the latest browsing experience. Internet explorer but it’s also a significant concern. It is also compatible with websites and applications.

Microsoft Edge has built-in Internet Explorer mode (“IE mode”), which allows you to access these older Internet Explorer-based websites and applications directly from Microsoft Edge.

In 2003, it reached a peak of 95% of the market. However, since then, Internet Explorer has experienced a significant decline as it has been unable to keep up with other browsers.

Microsoft has not released a new version of Internet Explorer since 2016. Internet Explorer11 was the last and final version released in 2013. 

The company states: 

  • “It’s a good idea to set an internal retirement date instead of waiting. The best way to prepare for IE deactivation after June 15 is to have IE in your organization by June 15. 
  • It’s about actively retiring. “Last year was a pretty trip. Thank you for your work to ensure that your organization is ready when IE retires on June 15, 2022. The future of Explorer lies in Microsoft Edge. This dual-engine allows you to run IE-dependent websites while providing a faster, safer, and more modern experience for everything else. You get the benefits. Added. 

With Microsoft’s release of the Chromium-based Edge browser in 2015, Internet Explorer’s fate was sealed. Then, The company released Edge as a system app for Windows 10 and Xbox in 2017 for Android and iOS. According to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge is the world’s second most popular desktop browser.

While Internet Explorer was not the first browser, its introduction with Windows in the mid-1990s “truly helped bring the web to a huge user base.” And made the Internet more accessible.

“It was never a fantastic browser.”

Internet Explorer Retirement:

In a blog post about the browser’s retirement on Wednesday that, despite its significant role in the evolution of the web, “Internet Explorer’s reputation today is, deservedly. One of a product from an earlier era — quirky in behavior and lacking the security of a modern browser.”

“Eventually, as part of a future Windows update will be permanently disabled, erasing consumer icons.” Edge is “faster, more secure, and more modern.

The Department of Justice brought a necessary antitrust action against Internet Explorer in the 1990s. Which Microsoft had to defend in 2001, the department declared that it would no longer seek to break. Microsoft in two or argue that IE was improperly linked to the Windows operating system.

Many Explorer users have converted to Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari in the years since, finding them faster, safer, and less prone to crash.


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