Seo Project

The Spinning Leaf


The Spinning Leaf provides services such as wedding venues, events, Christmas parties, birthdays, and many more. Spinning Leaf is open-minded, adventurous, and inspiring. Spinning Leaf approaches every event with this mindset. Spinning Leaf is committed to providing the best services like Empowering people with thoughtful hospitality, Empowering all visitors with compassion, presence, and value, and Embody passion and integrity.

Executive Summary

Our clients were concerned about keyword ranking, search engine traffic, and conversions. The Spinning Leaf requested an organic SEO campaign to increase the keyword ranking and generate leads.


We had to do extensive research on the Spinning Leaf website to determine that the backlink profile needed to be built to increase the campaigns performance for the lead terms. We launched a content marketing campaign to identify the industry leaders who might be interested in sharing their creative and innovative content with the audience.


Based on the objectives of this project, we were able to formulate a search strategy that could promise commercial success across key product areas. We are known for our professional approach, attention to detail, and results-oriented solutions that produce impressive results.

● A landing pages SEO (keywords, meta, and content)
● Link building is relevant to the niche of the website and targeting the website's niche.
● Finally, we set up conversion tracking to determine where users were most likely to convert.

Achievement & Success

The whole process started with an analysis of the website. To ensure we achieved the desired results, we also looked at other parameters such as page rank, backlinks, and the nature of visitors. Keyword research was performed, competitive analysis, and a website content audit. We also checked the local listing for effectiveness.

To identify problems that prevented the website from ranking well and performing well, we used Google’s Webmasters Tools and Keyword Planner. This allowed us to get solid SEO results.

Through competitive analysis, we identified the most profitable companies within the industry. We increased the quality of backlinks and social media bookmarking to encourage search engine optimization.

Results Mentioned Here

Despite the campaign’s objectives, the results were impressive. We could consistently achieve impressive results with the organic search strategy we used.

● Improve and Increase your website rank -80%
● Increase your Organic Traffic -by 1.79k by pursuing higher SEO goals
● More than 81% more conversions than ever before.
● Get 94% ROI benefits.