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Executive Summary

Our clients were concerned about keyword ranking, search engine traffic, and conversions. requested an organic SEO campaign to increase the keyword ranking and generate leads.


As part of our search engine optimization strategy, we aimed to increase traffic and conversions
and improve organic keyword ranking and social media campaigns.


● Search engine optimization (keywords, meta, content) of landing pages
● Targeting the websites niche and building quality links relevant to the niche.
● Last but not least, we set up conversion tracking to see where users were most likely to convert.

Achievement & Success

The entire process began with an analysis of the clients website. We also examined other parameters, such as the page rank, backlinks, and nature of visitors, to ensure that we got the desired results. We performed keyword research, competition analysis, and an audit of the websites contents. Additionally, we checked the local listing to ensure that the SEO strategy was effective.

We used tools such as Googles Webmasters Tool and Keyword Planner to identify the problems preventing the website from ranking high and performing well. This helped us get a solid SEO result.

We identified the most profitable companies in the industry by conducting a competitive analysis. We improved the quality of backlinks, social media bookmarking, and many other techniques, encouraging search engine optimization.

Results Mentioned Here

Despite the campaigns objectives, the results were impressive. We could consistently achieve impressive results with the organic search strategy we used.

● Improve and Increase your website rank -80%
● Increase your Organic Traffic -by 1.79k by pursuing higher SEO goals
● More than 81% more conversions than ever before.
● Get 94% ROI benefits.