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Panel Upgrade Experts


Panel Upgrade Experts are Calgary-based electricians specializing in residential electrical panel installation and maintenance. Their expertise guarantees you the best solutions and quality, whether you are replacing, upgrading, or modernizing your electrical panels.

Calgary’s top Panel Upgrade Experts are committed to being the best installer of solar panels, Aluminum wiring repair and new electrical panels. They are experts in the upgrading of old, outdated electrical panels.

Executive Summary

Our clients were concerned about keyword rankings, search engine traffic, conversions, and other factors. To increase keyword rankings and generate leads, required an organic SEO campaign.


To increase the campaign’s performance for the lead terms, we had to research the website extensively. We launched a content marketing campaign to identify industry leaders who might be interested in sharing their innovative and creative content with the audience.


Based on the projects goals, we created a search strategy that would promise commercial success in key product areas. Our reputation is built on professionalism, attention to detail, and innovative solutions that deliver impressive results.

● It is relevant to the websites niche and targets it when building links.
● Search engine optimization (keywords, meta descriptions, and content) for a landing page.
● As a final step, we set up conversion tracking to determine where users were most likely to convert.

Achievement & Success

An analysis of the website was the first step in this process. We also considered other parameters like page rank, backlinks and the nature of visitors to ensure that we got the desired results. Keyword research was done, competitive analysis and a website content audit. We also verified the effectiveness of the local listing.

We used Googles Webmasters Tools to identify issues preventing the website from ranking high and performing well. We were able to achieve solid SEO results.

Results Mentioned Here

With impressive results, the campaign met its objectives. Our organic search strategy consistently delivered impressive results.

● The rank of your website can be improved and increased by 80%
● Boost your organic traffic by 1.79k by pursuing higher SEO goals
● The number of conversions increased by more than 81%.
● You’II get a 94% return on investment.