What is paid marketing | Is it right to do paid marketing?

Paid marketing is one of the quickest ways to get your brand recognized online. If you want to grow your business and increase revenue, you should go for paid marketing.

Paid marketing can be done on search engines or social media. You need to choose beforehand which platform to go with. Either go with Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager.


What is paid marketing?

Paid marketing is a way to advertise your business online by setting up a budget and paying for the ads shown on Google, Facebook, etc. In PPC, you are charged for every click a user makes on your ad to reach your landing page. Similarly, paid marketing can be done through LinkedIn and StumbleUpon.

How to do paid advertising?

You can increase your sales/revenue on the Internet by implementing these tips to do paid marketing on Facebook.

  •    Develop shop-able social media posts. You can use Instagram shop-able posts to make it easy for customers to purchase from your post.
  •    Always use high-dimension quality pictures to showcase your product online. High-quality images improve the visuals of the post and increased likeability. Consider hiring a professional photographer for high-quality images.
  •    Look for top influence-rs in your business, and you can pay them to share your content. This will help you to increase your reach and credibility since influencers share your product with their network. Choose influencers who are aligned with your business and whose followers would be interested in your products. Generally, you should select an influencer with a large following but if the followers are targeted and specific to your business, that will lead to higher ROI for your business.
  •    Choose specific demographics by targeting specific interests and behaviors. Social media offers interest-based targeting, which helps to implement in-depth targeting options and target specific ad messaging. For example, if you are selling chocolate ice cream, you can target users with both chocolate and ice cream as interests.

Is it right for you to do paid advertising?

Paid marketing helps startups to get visible online without the need for a website or SEO. Startups can quickly start making revenue from paid advertising. If done in the right way and implemented correctly, paid advertising can lead to great profits.

It is a great investment option. Google shows that every $1 spent on Google ads, leads to $2 in revenue for your business. Also, by spending just $50 on social media Ads, you can get around 10,000 page views to your article.

Paid advertising increases the number of fans and engagement. The quality of fans is also better than the organic marketing strategy. Facebook offers many targeting options like age, gender, education, job title and marital status to name a few. These targeting options make it easier for you to show ads to a specific and relevant audience. You can also target the likes of the audience with advanced interests and behavior targeting, for example, the users who like Adidas but not Nike can be shown the ads of the specific categories.

Paid advertising allows you to sell products directly from the ad. If you have online sales option, then paid advertising is very useful for small businesses as they can sell their products directly from the ad.

Thus, it is right for you to do paid advertising to grow your business and get limitless opportunities. Since, in today’s global era, everyone’s online, thus to get business online, paid marketing is useful and necessary. Without it you will get behind in the race with your competitors.

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