5 Email Marketing Benefits You Should Know

Why are we talking about the benefits of email marketing? 

Well, there are 4.14 billion email users around the world. Therefore, it would be ridiculous to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this marketing channel. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that email marketing is truly diverse. It can be used for corporate communication, partnerships, and, of course, collaboration with customers. And we’d like to concentrate on the last example. 

73% of users feel comfortable when companies reach them via email. And 46% of people say it’s the preferred communication channel. 

Do you need more reasons to prove that email marketing is so beneficial? Then its ROI is up to $45 on each $1 spent. 

 Today,  learn about the 11 benefits that email marketing can offer. Read the entire article for real-life examples, useful statistics, and tips. 

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1. Create personalized target content 

I mentioned that personalization is essential when creating modern content in a previous article. And that’s a big part of email marketing.  According to this article, personalizing email messages and subjects gives an average open rate of 5.9x and a clickthrough rate of 0.2x. Therefore, there are several things you can do. Put the customer’s name in the subject line. In this way, the user can feel that you care about them and send letters only to them. But it is advisable to go further. To do this, you need to segment your audience, allowing you to target your clients better and, respectively, get better results. 

You can segment your audience based on their marketing journey stage, shopping preferences, engagement rate, geography, etc. Segmentation and personalization show fantastic results. You get: 

  • improved open rate (82%), 
  • higher CTR (75%), 
  • Customer satisfaction (58%). So, collect more data about your customers and think of what metrics you can use to segment them. 

2. Maintain leads 

Before you can sell anything, you need to get engaged users. Therefore, improve your email marketing strategy and develop quality leads. How does the average user become a lead-in? There are several ways to collect emails and start converting people into leads. Create a landing page for products, updates, events, and more. Provides helpful ebooks, reports, and more. In exchange for the user’s email, Create a lead magnet on your website. Then it would help if you created an email sequence to get the lead interested in the product. Don’t forget to personalize your message and show what benefits users will get if they choose a company. 

Next, monitor the results obtained. You can extract email addresses with low open and clickthrough rates. (For example, marketing letters have an average available rate of 18% and a CTR of 2.6% , so skip those much lower than these indicators). Continue to work with quality leads to sell your products. Get ready to start. Or transfer it to your sales department.

3. Increase traffic to your website 

I’ve already mentioned that email marketing can be used to promote blogs. However, the rules work the same if you need to share a website or part of its page. In addition, CMI reports that 87% of content marketers prefer to deliver content via email. In this way, you need to increase traffic to specific products, articles, etc. You can use email marketing with confidence. Therefore, you need to keep in mind several rules. Provide value to your customers. You need put clients’ interests first. So, think about how you can improve their experience. Communicate your message. Your customers should understand what they receive and why they go to your site. Define great CTA. Just remember that you need to direct your consumers. So, don’t forget to put a prominent CTA button with a personalized or engaging message. This way, you ensure that your subscribers head to your website and bring more traffic there. 

4. Optimized cost 

Email marketing is a very informative channel, and this will exceed $ 10 billion by 2023. Also, as mentioned earlier, the ROI is pretty impressive. For example, marketing email earns $ 45 for every $ 1 spent. This means that this type of marketing can optimize costs. A variety of free email marketing tools can help you set up a successful campaign. Therefore, you can get excellent results without spending a penny or paying a reasonable price for email marketing software. 

5. Collect feedback 

User feedback is part of your business progress. So one of the best practices for email marketing is to collect feedback. Create a survey or survey and send it to your customers. Ask customers how they find your product, whether everything is clear, their problems, and what they want to improve. Try to learn as much as possible about the customer experience. Of course, all kinds of evaluations are essential. Anyway, customer satisfaction surveys are beneficial, and they can keep your reputation neat. It’s always better to discuss any negative experiences in the internal communication and fix the odds asap. Email marketing allows your marketing to spend budgets most effectively. Email campaigns are much faster to produce compared to printed or direct drives, and however, the results are significantly better.

6. Build strong relationships with customers 

More than 90% of consumers say they are more likely to shop from a company they know and remember. Email marketing helps build a bridge between you and your customers. And customer relationships have a significant impact on the success of your business. Thoughtful, helpful, and targeted email helps to make your customers more loyal. Users will appreciate your efforts if they have the information they need. 

Thus, make sure you plan your letter wisely and segment your audience. Share helpful tips and guides, offer exclusive offers to subscribers, and discounts. Show your customers that they care about them and want to make their business experience great.


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